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Pineapple Cafe Sticker Sheet

Pineapple Cafe Sticker Sheet

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Welcome to the pineapple cafe, where every dish and beverage is made of pineapples! Get your dose of Vitamin C and happiness here!

No expiry date to these yummy things.

✏️This illustration is digitally drawn and printed on matte mirrorkote sticker sheets. Each sticker is die-cut according to its shape. Colours may differ slightly due to the settings of your screen. These cuties are water resistant (not waterproof so avoid getting them too soaked!), and are perfect for journals, calendars, letters and laptops! 

Sticker sheet is A6-sized: 10.5cm x 14.8cm or 4.1 x 5.8 inches.
Stickers vary from being 1cm wide (the tiny tarts) to 5cm wide (the pineapple fried rice and Singapore Sling)

🎁What you will receive:
- A beautifully yummy sticker sheet
- Lots of love and gratitude from me!

Bulk orders are available at a discount. Contact me for details!

🌻 For personal use only! If you are looking to carry this in your store, please let me know.

💗 Personalisation for all! Bespoke art is usually expensive because of the effort involved, and it doesn't fit everyone's budget. This product is part of my efforts to allow everyone access to some form of personalisation to artwork based on their budget. I believe that personalisation should be available to everyone, and we can do something that fits budgets and helps artists like myself still earn a decent wage. Let me know if you have more ideas to make 'personalisation for all' even better! If you'd like something based on this but totally bespoke, please let me know!
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