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Floral Critters Enamel Pins - Rose Froggy

Floral Critters Enamel Pins - Rose Froggy

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Red roses with a little frog resting in a rose petal - a lovely combination of two seemingly unlikely friends. They are waiting to join your pin collection, jazz up your collars and bags, or go out as your own gifts to the best owners for this lovely duo.

Doesn't need watering and bugs (for the froggy). Just lots of love and some cleaning with a soft cloth.

✏️All photos and videos were taken in natural lighting and have been adjusted to ensure the most accurate colours show. Colours may differ slightly due to the settings of your screen. All pins have been checked for defects (scratches in the enamel, paint that didn't fill properly, defective butterfly clasp etc)  and standard pins may have very minor defects.

- Height (3cm / 1.18 inches) by Breadth (2.8cm / 1.10 inches)

🎁What you will receive:
- A beautiful rose froggy pin that can't wait to meet you!
- 2 butterfly clasps at the back
- A backing card
- Lots of love and gratitude from me!

Bulk orders are available at a discount. Contact me for details!

🌻 For personal use only! If you are looking to carry this in your store, please let me know.

💗 Personalisation for all! Bespoke art is usually expensive because of the effort involved, and it doesn't fit everyone's budget. This product is part of my efforts to allow everyone access to some form of personalisation to artwork based on their budget. I believe that personalisation should be available to everyone, and we can do something that fits budgets and helps artists like myself still earn a decent wage. Let me know if you have more ideas to make 'personalisation for all' even better! If you'd like something based on this but totally bespoke, please let me know!
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